What's in a Comunity? - Part 1

September 11, 2018


Truth. Cycling is a great people connector. I've always loved this aspect about riding a bike. The fact that such a simple machine can bring so many people together who inherently may never have met otherwise is amazing. I've made lifelong friends with perfect strangers from halfway around the world all because we rode bikes together.

And considering Rivet is located in the greater Los Angeles area it is no wonder we have such a diverse and inspiring cast of characters who share our passion for two wheels. Many of these people we find riding our bikes with on a weekly basis come from a vast array of professions - from lawyers to artists, CEO's to chefs, tech entrepreneurs to photographers, teachers to advertisers, all with a story to tell. It's no understatement in saying LA's cycling community boasts a truly deep bench when it comes to the variety of people we run into.

So after countless group rides it dawned on me, why don't we produce a mini blog series exploring a few of these LA based characters. Let's take a look into their everyday lives, their 9 to 5, the lives we don't see when we're hauling butt at 30mph down PCH. After all this is Rivet's