A Different Kind of Ronde - the Rondje Roodbruin

March 30, 2018


I love the Tour of Flanders! With their hoards of rabid fans waiving giant yellow flags emblazoned with the over-sized Lion of Flanders, the winces of pain from muddied racers slogging up 20% inclined cobbled bergs, its highly unpredictable nature making it near impossible to predict a winner, the race most certainly makes for spectacular viewership (sorry, not sorry TDF)!  And this Sunday, April 1st brings the 102nd running of De Ronde Van Vlaanderen. But while I'd love to continue to revel in De Ronde and all its glory I'll leave it up to the plethora of other bloggers and media outlets, and chart a different course.

You see there is another pass-time that rowdy Belgians, and the world over, might enjoy just a little bit more than cycling and that's beer! Come to think about it, who doesn't like beer, and Belgian beer at that? Belgian beer and cycling... it's a perfect marriage made in cycling heaven. And just as we have cycling's version of a Flanders tour, we have beer's version as well, this one aptly named the Rondje Roodbruin.

Rondje Roodbruin loosely translates into Tou