17 Holiday Gifts for Every Cyclist

November 22, 2017


Hello America! The holidays are upon us, or so the radio has been telling me with its incessant Christmas music. And what does that mean? A season to be thankful? No! A time to gather around and enjoy the company of family and friends? No! Why would we do such a thing? So what then? It means it's that time to do what America does best - shop!

And just like that, before we can stuff our faces with a second round of Thanksgiving turkey, or enjoy a post meal game of Monopoly with loved ones, we American's will be off, rampaging through the malls like the bulls of Pamplona to shop and shop and shop.

So okay, I'll bite, I'll swim with the tide, I'll throw my hat into the ring and abide by my patriotic duties in support of consumerist America. Since the reality is 'tis the season to be buying, so here are my 17 holiday gift ideas for every cyclist.

Stocking Stuffers