We're passionate about bringing a fresh new perspective to cycling - one that marries its already distinct culture with the influences of our home; LA.

For centuries cycling and its peculiarities have been dictated by the wind swept cobbles of Flanders through to the lavender fields of Provence on up to the virtually impassable cols of the Alps. And while nobody appreciates the historic beauty of the sport more than us, we hope to add our own patch to cycling's cultural quilt.

A patch that is sun-kissed by the beaches of Malibu and highlights the ribbon roads of the Santa Monica Mountains. A patch that draws cues from the skaters of Venice Beach and the artists of DTLA.  And most importantly a patch, that like most LA-ers, is unabashed and bold yet decidedly free-spirited.  

LA has shown the world so much already, now it's time to show the world our version of cycling. Come ride with us!

Photo: Samson Hatae