October 23, 2017

With Halloween fast approaching, it's time to get festive by swapping out your road bike and water bottles for a single speed and thermos full of mulled wine. Then round up your friends and head out under moonlight in search of Los Angeles' spookier side. But be warned! Because as you pedal down urban boulevards and explore the chilling world of La La Land's restless spirits, shocking scandals, murder mysteries, and unexplained sightings, this ride won't be for the faint of heart!...

October 16, 2017

It's 5:31pm Saturday evening and once again I'm late. I punch the car's accelerator in a vain attempt to change lanes and break free of the huddled traffic that ensnares me. "Geesh, I knew it. I knew we should've left earlier" I tell my wife. Just then my car's GPS signals me to exit off Crenshaw Blvd. You know which one I'm talking about. The same Crenshaw Blvd. near Compton that little teenaged, pimple-faced daisy's like me used to karaoke to as we bumped 2Pac and Dr. Dre. The same one tha...

July 24, 2017

My legs had very bad cramps. “Yeah, whatever,” you say. “HTFU.”

So I did. But the cramps had started at the first water crossing on Big Sycamore Canyon and got worse. “Yeah, whatever,” you say. “HTFU.”

So I did. And they spread to both legs. “Yeah, whatever,” you say. “We don’t care about your menstrual cramps.”

As John Middleton passed me in a cloud of dirt and filth and sweat and grunting, he said, “Come on, Seth.”

“Come where?” I asked. “How much longer is this fucking road?” I silently thank...

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